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Organize for Space offers professional home organizing services designed to help you create space.

Space in your home: Freeing up your home from clutter and setting up simple organizational systems will help you save time by finding and retrieving what you need more easily, reducing the amount of cleaning and money by reducing duplicate purchases.

Space in your mind: Removing clutter in your physical space, will help you create a calmer head space, sleep better and improve your energy levels to focus on what’s important to you.

Space for the environment: Sustainably decluttering reduces the impact of consumer goods on the environment. Options include recycling, donating and regifting. This approach avoids items ending up in landfill. 

Whether it's your wardrobe, kitchen, kids room or garage, or if you are moving home,  explore our services and discover how Organize for Space can bring clarity, order, and peace-of-mind to all your spaces.

Home Interior

Behind the Business

I officially founded Organize for Space in 2023 following a successful and fulfilling 20-year-career in communications and marketing in Europe, USA and Asia. 

During this career and my personal life, I have had the privilege of residing in three continents, exploring seven cities, and calling eleven different homes my own. With an average of just two years per residence, this always-on-the-move lifestyle taught me the invaluable lesson of keeping my world decluttered and mindfully accumulating -and purging - material possessions.  

Organize for Space brings together these experiences to share the transformative power of decluttering and organizing your living and working space, thoughtfully and practically prioritizing what's important to you, and what's not. 


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Niki, Hong Kong

"Organize for Space showed me how I could rearrange my furniture to create more space and how to display my clothes in a visually calming way."

Pia, Amsterdam

"Although I knew decluttering my kitchen and pantry was the solution to ease my stress and anxiety, I never had the energy. Organize for Space came in with a hands-on approach."

Talitha, Dubai

"Thank you, Organize for Space, for transforming my move from Hong Kong to Dubai into a seamless and organized transition."

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